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Ankeny Wrestling Club

The primary goal of the Ankeny Wrestling Club is to encourage participation in the sport of wrestling, keep the kids excited and interested in the sport as well as provide the proper technique and training to allow each kid to reach their fullest potential as a wrestler. Many of state qualifiers/place winners/champions produced by the Ankeny High School and Ankeny Centennial High School Wrestling programs began their career through the Ankeny Wrestling Club. We are an AAU sanctioned club and our members participate in both AAU and USA sanctioned events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What night will my wrestler practice? +

    Practice groups are divided according to age/grade level. Each group will practice on a routine weekly schedule which will be available to parents via the AWC website mid-October. This schedule will have the date, time and location of practices for each age group.

  • How do I sign my wrestler up for tournaments? +

    The best way to find a listing of the local and surrounding tournaments online at: www.thepredicament.com. New tournaments are added weekly throughout the season. Registration is handled differently by each individual tournament. Registration information should be available via the posting on www.thepredicament.com Some tournaments require mail in the registration, while others have online registration via www.trackwrestling.com.

  • Does my wrestler need a singlet? +

    No. Most local tournaments do not require singlets. Club singlets will be available for purchase at the beginning of the season if you desire. Also, gently used equipment will be available at the parent meeting for purchase.
  • Will my wrestler always practice at the same location? +

    No. We have 4 locations among the Ankeny Schools where AWC holds practice. Unfortunately, with all of the different middle school and high school activities throughout the district, it is sometimes difficult to keep practices at the same facility. We ask that you check the website each week to make sure of the location of your child’s practice!

  • Does AWC go to tournaments as a club? +

    The club coaches will plan to attend a few different local tournaments where they will available to coach the club wrestlers.  We will try to communicate these tournaments to you in advance so you have ample time to plan and get your wrestler registered. Wrestling tournaments are available each weekend, and parents are able to register and accompany their child to tournaments at their discretion.  We will have our own Helmkamp beginner tournament in December as well as our annual AWC tournament in January.  Most coaches will be at these tournaments to help coach your child. 


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  • "The coaches are knowledgeable and hands on..."

    Our son Hayden, 5, wrestled with AWC last season. It was his first experience with wrestling and we were very impressed. The coaches are knowledgeable and hands on. Practices were organized and well ran. They kept the kids interacting and working hard. We are excited for the upcoming season!.

  • "Took the time to teach our kids the proper technique..."

    Our kids have had such a wonderful experience being part of this club since we moved to Ankeny in 2009. We found that the coaches actually took the time to teach our kids the proper technique of wrestling, which really meant a lot us, but more importantly they communicated to the kids in a positive and uplifting manner.

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